Software Solutions

Business Management Software Solutions

Software Solutions We understand that every business is unique and has very specific needs to make it run. Most certainly there are certain components of the business that can be molded around an off the shelf solution, but customizing an off the shelf software to suit your business could be a very costly and a time-consuming task.

At NenoiT, our focus is not to reinvent the wheel. We focus on building business-specific applications that integrate with common off the shelf software tools.

We work with a number of software partners including SAP, Dynamics 365, Xero and many more to help our clients gain their competitive edge.

Software Development

We build custom business software to help your business differentiate yourself from your competitors. We have a proven track record of delivering bespoke solutions backed with all the help and support needed to ensure your project is successful and delivers a return to your business.

Mobile App Development

Whether you want to launch your new online venture or looking to build out on an existing app we can help you. Our team work with you to help: define a minimum viable product, create a road-map, define hosting and system needs along with any other assistance needed to get your launched quickly.

Project Recovery

Not every IT project runs according to plan. Whether you need a 2nd opinion on what's being built or looking for a new software agency to take over an existing product - we can facilitate that process for you.